Support for collaborative coverage of the XI Encontro Nacional de Gerenciamento Costeiro – ENCOGERCO (11th National Coastal Management Meeting)

Location: Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Partner: Coletivo Memórias do Mar and Ecovila São José.

Date: October 2018.

The “audio-written-visual language collective coverage workshop” was aimed at raising questions, provoking reflection and opening up new horizons in the field of Educommunication. The space was used to show, listen to and produce messages with images, texts, graphics and sounds. In practical terms this addressed subjects such as how to tell stories, how to disseminate ideas and share experiences, script writing, techniques for operating cameras and microphones, as well as editing. The educommunicative educational practice proposed is an example of the type of communicative expression to be developed throughout the “Brazilian Oceanic Horizon” campaign, which is being implemented by the Painel Brasileiro para o Futuro dos Oceanos – Painel Mar (Brazilian Panel for the Future of the Oceans - Sea Panel).