Financing of the Lagamar Fish project

Location: Cananéia, South coast of the state of São Paulo.

Partner: Associação da Comunidade Remanescente de Quilombo da Reserva Extrativista do Mandira. (Mandira Extractivist Reserve Quilombo Community Remnant Association)

Date: October 2016 to October 2018.

The Lagamar Fish project, supported by the Linha D’Água Institute, has been underway since October 2016. The project is being undertaken based on a partnership between researchers from the UNESP Registro Campus and the Mandira Quilombo Association, aimed at developing and implementing guided diving with the least possible environmental impact in rivers and streams in Lagamar de Cananeia – SP, specifically in the Minas and Mandira rivers and in wells and backwaters located near the waterfalls bearing the same name. The project is divided into three areas: i) diagnosis of the aquatic fauna and associated ecosystems, ii) training of local environmental guides and iii) production of educational-instructional material and dissemination of the underwater tourism routes in Lagamar de Cananéia. Upon conclusion of the three phases mentioned, the project recently finalized a second stage. Recent activities included a study of the support capacity of the locations in which the diving is taking place and training for participative monitoring in these areas. The results achieved so far include the development and enhancement of Community-Based Tourism, offering new options for the public use of the protected areas in which the activities are undertaken. It is also expected that the project may reduce the distance between the public and academia, in addition to permitting contact with animals of difficult access by means of minimum impact recreational diving.