Linha D’Água Sharks and Rays Call for Proposal - Inform: the importance of the elasmobranchs for the quality of marine ecosystems based on local ecological knowledge

Location: Baía de Tijucas, Santa Catarina coast, Brazil.

Partner: Associação Caminho das Águas do Tijucas.

Date: January 2017 to April 2018.

The Inform project, conducted by the Associação Caminho das Águas do Tijucas, articulated the local ecological knowledge of artisanal fishermen in Baía de Tijucas to promote environmental awareness related to the interaction between artisanal fishing and elasmobranchs, going beyond the ecological impact this activity may have, encouraging them to become agents driving awareness and the diffusion of knowledge in this area. Interviews and specific questionnaires were employed to assess the fishermen’s perception of elasmobranchs, including factors such fishing gear, areas of activity, timing, landing places, target fish species and fishery potential. The work resulted in a book and a documentary. This material was presented in local seminars with the intention of promoting debate and environmental awareness based on the knowledge and data bank generated, enabling scientific discussions and participative management of fishing resources.