Support for promoting responsible fishing on the south coast of Ilhabela

Location: Bonete, Ilhabela, North Coast of São Paulo.

Partner: Private individual - legal support and consulting.

Date: October 2016 to July 2018.

The fishing communities on the south coast of Ilhabela work with a combination of traditional fishing and tourism-related activities in the region. Alternating between full-time fishing and working with tourism means that local fishermen and residents require adaptive capacities. Even though they have to deal with these different attributions, the fishing community recognizes that they need to be more responsible in their fishing practices, based on reconciling the conservation of marine resources with the pursuit of better quality fisheries and markets. In this regard, the fishermen face problems related to regularizing the activity, such as obtaining fishing permits, licensing their vessels and mastering fishing techniques, in addition to the difficulties involved in the storage and transportation of produce and access to markets that value this produce. Based on direct action initiated by the Linha D’Água Institute, work was done on constituting a group of local fishermen interested in discussing the problems they face and indicating solutions to overcome them.