Reinforcement of social participation in the preparation of management plans for marine environmental protection areas in the state of São Paulo

Location: North, central and south coast of the state of São Paulo

Partner: Instituto Costa Brasilis, Instituto Albatroz and local consultants

Date: in progress

Based on accompaniment of the construction of the management plans during the last five years and communication with the local actors involved in managing these conservation units, we decided to support this stage of the construction of the Management Plans. This decision is based on the premise that the São Paulo Marine Environmental Protection Areas are an important tool for managing spaces and resources of common use, representing a forum for the discussion of issues and the resolution of conflicts in the pursuit of public interests. We expect to expand and enhance the conditions of social participation in the preparation of the Management Plans. We believe that with the engagement of organized civil society, using an information process oriented to the artisanal fishing communities, a greater number of local actors will be able to understand and contribute towards decision making involving marine and coastal territorial stewardship in the state of São Paulo. In partnership with local actors and other civil society organizations, our actions are organized based on three fronts:

i) mobilization of representatives of the different social segments to participate in the meetings and workshops to build the Management Plans;

ii) facilitation upon demand of sector meetings with representatives of artisanal fishing in the communities and territories to formalize this area´s contribution to the formulation of the Management Plans;

iii) Integration of the contributions from the facilitated sector meetings within each Environmental Protection Area (EPA) and between the different Marine Environmental Protection Areas, making them public.