Support for the 8th Festejo Caiçara de Trindade (Trindade Fishing Community Festival)

Location: Trindade, Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Partner: Associação dos Moradores de Trindade – AMOT (Trindade Residents’ Association).

Date: October 23 to 26, 2018.

The objective of the meeting was to celebrate the resilience of the fishing community, value its local culture and tradition, unite younger and older generations, strengthen the bonds between them and create opportunities to value and transmit the knowledge accumulated during the course of the town’s history. It was also aimed at enabling the meeting of the Coordenação Nacional das Comunidades Tradicionais Caiçaras (National Traditional Caiçaras Communities Coordination) to discuss and strengthen identity and organizational structure in fishing communities.