Support for the Organization of the 9th SBEEL Metting (Brazilian Society for Elasmobranchs Studies)

Location: Penedo, Alagoas, Brazil.

Partner: Brazilian Society for Elasmobranch Studies (SBEEL).

Date: February to August 2016.

The 9th SBEEL Meeting took place from April 24 to 28, 2016, in Penedo, Alagoas. The central theme defined for the event was the challenges and frontiers of knowledge for the conservation of elasmobranchs in Brazil, as well as the future prospects for government actions to organize fishing activities and develop qualified manpower for this activity, as well as the implementation of the Plano de Ação Nacional para Conservação dos Elasmobrânquios Marinhos do Brasil - PAN (National Action Plan for the Conservation of Marine Elasmobranchs in Brazil). The Linha D’Água Institute supported the organization of this event, recognizing the importance of the conservation of sharks and rays for Brazilian society.