Financing of the Remar Project: rowing in the waters of Lagamar de Cananéia

Location: Ilha do Cardoso State Park, Cananéia, São Paulo coast, Brazil.

Partner: Associação dos Monitores Ambientais de Cananéia (AMOANCA) (Cananéia Environmental Monitors Association).

Date: August 2017 to February 2018.

The “Remar Project” (Rowing Project) was idealized to provide a new leisure alternative for visitors to the Ilha do Cardoso State Park - PEIC. The main objective is to provide visitors with guided outings using non-motorized vessels (kayaks and stand up paddle boards). The proposal was developed and is being executed by the Cananéia Environmental Monitors Association (AMOANCA) and is supported by the park administration. This initiative is an opportunity to show how this type of organization may cooperate with the management of protected areas, offering qualified conservation-oriented ecotourism and education services. Furthermore, it reinforces civil society organizations and local communities intending to offer activities that value the environment and local social and cultural diversity. The initiative also benefits other service sectors, such as lodgings, meals and transportation, promoting the sustainable development of the municipality of Cananéia.