Support for the publication and diffusion of a scientific article about the ocean governance system in Brazil on an open science platform

Location: Brazil.

Partners: Brazilian scientists, members of Brazilian Coastal and Marine networks.

Date: December 2017.

This work is the result of an interaction between researchers and professionals in the ocean sciences field. It provides a wide-ranging holistic vision of the concrete opportunities for transforming ocean governance systems in Brazil based on systemic analyses. It is the result of networking and pilot case studies such as Amazônia Azul, the Right Whale Environmental Protection Area and the Babitonga Ecosystem. The article was published in the international magazine Frontiers in Marine Science and disseminated over this Open Science platform, underscoring our vision that knowledge should be free and accessible to everyone. The article also contains a summary and analysis of a number of initiatives supported recently by the Instituto Linha D’Água, such as the events, products and movements related to the Painel Mar (Sea Panel), Teia Pesca (Fishing Net) and Ouvidoria do Mar (Sea Ombudsman). Furthermore, a summarized edition in Portuguese was released to ensure dissemination to a larger number of people. The authors of this article are: Leopoldo Cavaleri Gerhardinger, Philipp Gorris, Leandra R. Gonçalves, Dannieli Firme Herbst, Daniele Alves Vila-Nova, Fabiano Grecco de Carvalho, Marion Glaser, Ruben Zondervan, Bruce Glavovic.