Linha D’Água Sharks and Rays Call for Proposal – Dawn of education

Location: Ilha do Mel, Ilha das Peças, Ilha do Superagui, Paraná coast, Brazil.

Partner: Instituto de Pesquisas de Cananéia – IPEC (Cananéia Research Institute).

Date: January to December 2017.

The Paraná coastline is a region of great biological and cultural importance, due to the wealth and diversity of its ecosystems and traditional communities. Artisanal fishing represents the main source of income for these traditional populations. The fishing skills employed include ones that lead to the capture species of shark and ray, either purposely or accidentally. Allying the preservation of nature and harmonious coexistence with the public is frequently a problem in conservation. Consequently, environmental education can help to promote proximity and dialogue with society as a solution to this dichotomy. With this in view, the Dawn of Education project, executed by the Cananéia Research Institute  (IPEC) and students of the CEM/UFPR Marine Studies Center, shared and integrated knowledge related to the importance of sharks and rays and their conservation for the integrity of marine ecosystems. The target publics of the activities undertaken in 2017 were residents, students and visitors of the Ilha das Peças and Ilha do Mel, as well as students from other municipalities in Paraná. The initiative employed action research methodology. The project activities and the graphic products (booklet and game) enabled a systemic vision of sharks and rays and their importance in the ecosystem and society.