Linha D’Água Sharks and Rays Call for Proposal - Conservation of threatened elasmobranchs by means of environmental education in the Costa dos Corais EPA and the Alagoas coast, northeast of Brazil

Location: Coast of the state of Alagoas and the Costa dos Corais Environmental Protection Area.

Partner: Instituto Meros do Brasil.

Date: January to October 2017.

The Costa dos Corais Environmental Protection Area deals with questions related to the conservation of culturally and economically important species in the region, such as the extinction of the local sawfish (Pristispristis) in estuary environments in the state and the accentuated decline of other coastal species, such as the nurse shark (Ginglymostomacirratum) and the bonnethead shark (Sphyrnatiburo), previously a common presence in the conservation unit. Considering the importance of conserving these threatened species of elasmobranchs, environmental education assumes a key role in local development and in the conservation of sharks and rays. The project conducted by Instituto Meros do Brasil used environmental education to raise the awareness of communities in the northern, central and southern regions of the Alagoas coast and in the environmental protection area in relation to the need to conserve the environments and the threatened species of sharks and rays. The target publics were schools, tourism operators and fishermen. The activities executed in 2017 included teacher training, the development of educational activities, talks and the production and distribution of informative materials about elasmobranchs.