Support for the Seminar on The Assessment of the Campaign for Fishing Territories and Seasonal Controls

Location: Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brasil.

Partners: Fishermen’s Pastoral Council – CPP.

Date: June 08 to 12, 2017.

The National Campaign for the Regularization of Traditional Fishing Grounds was launched in 2012, proposing a bill of law aimed at obtaining one million signatures so that the national congress could approve the law guaranteeing access to territories and ensuring continuity of artisan fishing communities’ way of life. With the collection of signatures underway, the situation of the artisan fisheries was beset by conflicts over land, legal insecurity and the discontinuity of social policies in a number of sectors. In this context, the Fishermen’s Movement (MPP), in partnership with the Fishermen’s Pastoral Council (CPP) and the National Commission for the Strengthening of Extractivist Reserves and Coastal and Marine Extractivist Peoples (CONFREM), proposed the organization of national seminars to redefine the campaign strategies. The seminars were held in Brasilia from June 8 to 12, 2017, and the Linha D’Água Institute was one of the institutions that supported them. In addition to the debate on fishing territories, more in-depth discussions were undertaken on the possibilities and challenges involved in establishing seasonal controls in an attempt to formalize the commitments of federal public institutions to the artisan fishing sector.