Financing of Self-diagnosis of Coastal and Marine Networks – Ouvidoria do Mar (Sea Ombudsman)

Location: Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brazil.

Partner: Private individual - Special consultancies.

Date: June 2016.

The “Ouvidoria do Mar” project’s activities include: The organization of the Seminário Nacional das Redes Costeiras e Marinhas (National Coastal and Marine Networks Seminar) aims to leverage interaction between Brazilian coastal and marine networks to drive the transformation towards sustainability. The event was organized by Ouvidoria do Mar and co-financed by the Fundo Casa-Caixa and the Instituto Linha D’Água. The objective of the National Seminar was to present the demands of civil society organizations related to the conservation and management of the Brazilian coastal-marine region, identified in the self-diagnosis conducted by organizations active in this area, another activity conducted under the auspices of the project. The event was held from June 13 to 17, 2016 in Brasilia and involved a series of activities: the actual programming of the National Seminar, the Training Seminar on Guidelines for Artisan Fisheries – DPA; the Ouvidoria do Mar’s strategic planning for coming years and federal government department policy related to the conservation and management of the coastal-marine region.