Support for the relocation of the Enseada da Baleia Community

Location: Ilha do Cardoso State Park, Cananéia, São Paulo Coast, Brazil.

Partners: Support Nucleus for Research into Brazilian Human Populations and Wetlands (NUPAUB/USP) /Enseada da Baleia Residents’ Association (AMEB) / São Paulo Public Defender’s Service - Vale do Ribeira Region, Registro unit.

Date: November 2016.

Given the worsening erosion in the Enseada da Baleia community, the removal of local families was considered urgent due to the possibility of a natural disaster resulting from the rupture of the coastal spur. The possibility of a forced removal process led the families to resort to the São Paulo Public Defender’s Service with a view to guaranteeing the community’s rights. In this context, the Public Defender asked NUPAUB/USP to organize an interdisciplinary working group (GTI) to prepare a technical report, with the understanding that the complexity of this context could not be restricted only to geological aspects but should also address the social and ecological factors involved in the relationship between traditional populations and protected marine areas. The Linha D’Água Institute contributed towards the logistics that enabled the GTI to undertake the necessary field survey.

At the end of 2016, the São Paulo Environment Department authorized the community’s move to the area requested. The residents now live in Nova Enseada, reinforcing their traditional practices and community-based tourism activities.