Support for visits to the RESEX mandira oyster nurseries

Location: Mandira Extractivist Reserve, Cananéia, South coast of São Paulo, Brazil.

Partner: Associação da Comunidade Remanescente de Quilombo da Reserva Extrativista do Mandira. (Mandira Extractivist Reserve Quilombo Community Remnant Association)

Date: October 2014 to October 2015.


The residents of the Mandira Extractivist Reserve Quilombo Community Remnant Association are engaged in the traditional activities of cultivating and conserving mangrove oysters, but they also engage in community-based tourism, which comprehends visits to the oyster nurseries and production facilities, among other activities. The support involved improvements to infrastructure for the visits, with the acquisition of new vessels and the remodeling of the visitor reception areas. The project contributed to i) valuing traditional knowledge and strengthening community organization and autonomy; ii) income generation; iii) improved service for tourists; iv) publicity for tourism in the Quilombo and RESEX Mandira.