Support for the Campaign for the regularization and sustainability of artisan fishing territories in baía Babitonga

Location: Baía da Babitonga, North coast of the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Partner: Associação Socioambientar.

Date: January to July 2016.

At the beginning of 2016, the Campaign for the Regularization and Sustainability of Small-Scale Fishing Territories in Baía Babitonga, Santa Catarina, was organized based on a partnership involving the Associação SocioAmbientar, Coletivo Memórias do Mar, Associação de Moradores, Pescadores e Amigos do Porto Caieira and the Movimento de Pescadoras e Pescadores. LDA provided support for the organization of this initiative, which is aimed at setting up an emergency campaign for the defense and regularization of fishing territories involving six fishing colonies in the municipalities around Baía Babitonga. A total of five pre-planning meetings was held with the widespread involvement of different actors for the launch of the campaign. Worthy of note among the results was the organization of the congress 1º Congresso de Pescadores Artesanais em Defesa pelo Território Pesqueiro da Babitonga (1st Congress of Artisan Fishermen in Defense of the Babitonga Fishery Territory), the production of the video “Babitonga Urgente”, to publicize the campaign, and the Carta de Itapoá (Itapoá Charter). Since then, this initiative has triggered a progressive agenda involving the exchange of knowledge and sustainability measures. As a result, worthy of note is the approximation between the fishermen and their leaders, who had been disorganized, based on a common platform aimed at generating greater cohesion and unity around reactive agendas to defend the territory (e.g. threats from the unordered expansion of port infrastructure in the bay); but more importantly, greater union and involvement in a proactive public environmental management agenda for sustainable development conducted by the University of the Region of Joinville – SC in partnership with the Federal Public Prosecution Department (further information about the Babitonga Ativa project -