Administrative inventory of COOPEROSTRA - Cananéia Oyster Producers’ Cooperative and support for the resolution of problems

Location: Cananéia, South coast of the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

Partner: Private Individual - Administrative and legal support.

Date: September 2015 to October 2018.

COOPEROSTRA was founded in 1997 and has a strong track record of social and environmental achievements. Based on the successful introduction of oyster fattening technology in the Cananéia estuary region in the 1980s, the work done by the cooperative was recognized with awards such as the Shell do Brasil Eco 99 (1999), Eco Rio +10 (2002) and the Equator Initiative Prize (2002), among others. However, currently COOPEROSTRA is beset by a series of administrative challenges that have accumulated over the last 20 years and that are hindering the execution of its activities. Recognizing the importance of this organization for the cooperative members and for the proper management of the mangrove oysters cultivated in the region, a group of local partners, supported by Linha D’Água Institute, conducted a series of surveys on the cooperative’s legal and administrative situation. In the course of three years of work it was possible to map the complexity involved in solving the problems and to establish strategies to address these issues.