Support for the environmental reclamation and organization of usage project on ilha do Bom Abrigo, south coast of São Paulo

Location: Ilha do Bom Abrigo, Cananéia, South coast of the state São Paulo, Brazil.

Partner: Instituto Biodiversidade Austral.

Date: September 2014 to September 2015.

The project was aimed at the environmental reclamation of degraded areas on Ilha do Bom Abrigo, as well as the ordering of the existing multiple uses. The activities developed were:

i) Diagnosis and mapping of established uses on the island, main activities and users; most used areas and intensity of use;

ii) Water and terrestrial environmental diagnosis to assess the impact of human activities, as well as the potential and risks involved in recreational diving and tourist visits;

iii) Environmental Reclamation Project, aimed at the reforestation of degraded areas on the island;

iv) Participative construction of Usage Plans for Ilha do Bom Abrigo, guidelines to organize the activities conducted based on environmental conservation and reclamation principles.