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Instituto Linha D'Água is a non-profit organization that operates in the coastal areas of the country, focusing mainly on the coast that extends from the south of Rio de Janeiro to the north of Paraná. Founded in São Paulo, in November 2013, the Institute works to support initiatives aimed at the conservation of coastal and marine socio-biodiversity.

The LDA's activities are focused on establishing partnerships to support the actors of society, fostering the generation of knowledge, supporting the development of projects and social businesses, strengthening the articulation of networks and the different forms of organization associated with coastal and marine environments.

Therefore, we exercise the rear role, offering support to the needs and solutions brought by the multiple social actors, such as organizations, associations and research centers, qualifying the participatory and decision-making processes to include everyone's voice. In this sense, the presence of traditional peoples and communities in their territories and in protected areas affirm the need for their participation in the management of these environments, understanding that the conservation of biodiversity and the strengthening of Brazilian social diversity go hand in hand.

Thus, through effective proposals for new, more inclusive paths, we seek to reframe historical relationships and conflicts in order to achieve the conservation of natural spaces and resources and reduce social inequalities.

We structured our work around four programs, always seeking to articulate and promote networking: Responsible Fishing , Marine Protected Areas , Conservation of Sharks and Rays , Businesses Associated with Conservation .


Support the maintenance and recovery of marine biodiversity and promote the sustainable use of sea resources.


Brazilian coast and sea that are biodiverse and used sustainably through adaptive, integrated and participatory governance.


Transparency in relationships, belief in the power of joint construction and appreciation of networking.



Felipe Pedroso Leal
Henrique Callori Kefalas

Founding Director

Executive Coordinator

Marcos Fernandes Barros

Strategic Advisor

Rosimar Barbosa



Grupo Estratégico

Fábio Motta, Leopoldo Gerhardinger, Lucila Pinsard

Conselho Fiscal

Fábio Villares, Marcos Minichillo e Paulo Sena

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