The Linha D’Água Institute is a non-profit organization based in São Paulo. It was founded in 2013 to undertake private social investment by the voluntary transfer of funds for projects to conserve biological diversity and Brazilian coastal socio-cultural systems in a systematic manner, supported by planning and monitoring.

By fostering innovative arrangements that enable sustainable development, Linha D’Água seeks to raise civil society awareness of the need to conserve the coastal and marine environment, as well as to address social and regional inequalities.

Linha D'Água’s activities are organized in four programs: Responsible Fisheries, Marine Protected Areas, Conservation of Species, Conservation related Businesses

The primary focus of the institute is the São Paulo coastal area, but it also supports adherent projects along the entire Brazilian coastline.


Spontaneous demand: We are always open to project proposals that are aligned with our programs.

Induced demand: Check out our CALLS FOR PROPOSALS and TERMS OF REFERENCE.

Contact us with any questions you may have and send us your project.


Founding Director
Felipe Leal

Executive Coordinator
Henrique Callori Kefalas

Administrative Assistant
Cintia Takahashi

Strategic Consultant
Marcos Barros

Fiscal Council
Fabio Villares e Marcos Minichillo

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To support the maintenance and rehabilitation of marine biodiversity and to foster the sustainable use of marine resources.

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Brazilian coastal and marine biodiversity used sustainably through adaptive, integrative and participative governance.

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Cooperation and autonomy, transparency and diplomacy, cross-disciplinary and networked practices.