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Support for visiting oyster fattening ponds at RESEX Mandira

Location :

Extractive Reserve of Mandira, Cananéia, South Coast of São Paulo, Brazil.

Partner :

Association of the Quilombo Remnant Community of the Mandira Extractive Reserve.


October 2014 to October 2015.

The inhabitants of Quilombo and Reserva Extrativista do Mandira carry out traditional activities for the management and conservation of mangrove oysters, but also develop Community Based Tourism (TBC), by visiting fattening nurseries and experiencing management, care, sale and preparing these resources, among other activities. The support was given to make improvements in the infrastructure of visitation services, providing for the acquisition of new boats and the renovation of the reception of the TBC groups. The project contributed to i) valorization of traditional knowledge, strengthening community organization and autonomy; ii) income generation; iii) improved service to tourists; iv) promotion of tourism in Quilombo and RESEX Mandira.

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